Welding Services

Ranger Manufacturing offers all types of welding to suit our clients’ needs. Some of our offerings in welding are:

  • MIG Welding
  • TIG Welding
  • Robotic MIG Welding
  • Arc Welding
  • Brazing Stick
  • Spot Welding

Ranger Manufacturing has certified welders on staff that have the training to handle any project that comes our way. By specializing in MIG and TIG welding, we cover 99% of all welding needs in the industry. From small single parts to large quantity runs, we can handle your needs. Also employing a robot welder, Ranger Manufacturing can handle large repeatable runs with the speed and cost-effectiveness that customers demand.


Gas metal arc welding (MIG Welding) is a type of welding that uses a spool of wire that is continuously fed through the welding gun. It is surrounded by a blanket of inert argon gas. This helps protect the molten metal from being contaminated by atmospheric conditions around the weld. One of the major advantages of MIG welding is long stretches of welding can be done without stopping. This makes it faster and it makes the weld more uniform. Stick welding and TIG welding has to be stopped to insert each individual stick/filler rod making visible breaks in the continuity of the weld. MIG Welding is applicable on all thicknesses of aluminum, steel, nickel and even on stainless steel and more. It is most common in commercial welding fabrication and manufacturing.


TIG Welding (GTAW), also known as Gas Tungsten Arc Welding utilizes electrical arcs to weld thin metals together using a non-consumable tungsten electrode. Hotwire, pulsed-content, and dabber are all examples of TIG welding techniques. TIG welding is common in projects where light metals or stainless steel is used. Titanium, for example, requires light welding because of the nature of the metal where it is easier to damage or destroy the metal parts or sheets. We understand that quality welding starts with the right knowledge, tools, and meticulous welding techniques. All TIG welding we do, we do with pride and our welds are made to last. We use our TIG welding to serve all types of jobs no matter how big or small.